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All our recipes are sourced and manufactured in the UK, using fresh ingredients only. We offer the most suited dog and cat recipes, which use 100% natural ingredients only. Choose Nutrix Petfoods to feed your dog or/and cat a healthy, balanced diet.

We offer an extensive range of hypoallergenic, cereal free dog food & cat food. We use only the best ingredients to formulate our recipes, which are wheat free and gluten free. We sourced only the highest quality ingredients in the UK, using fresh salmon, chicken, duck and many other natural products that will provide all the nutrition your dog or cat needs.

All our recipes contain no soya, no fillers, no dairy products, no lactose, no artificial flavours - they are using 100% natural, healthy ingredients. Choose the best pet food to give your companion a complete, balanced diet. Shop from Nutrix Pet Foods and have it delivered to your door!

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 This store has existed since 2012.
Localization: Lancashire (North West)

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